The magic of 10x Teams: skilled members, strong bonds, shared vision.

relationships for

To set our client relationships up for success, we prototype them to address any issues and ensure compatibility. This is done by working on a small stand-alone project for the client. Through this exercise, we consistently establish a solid foundation of mutual trust, which is crucial for fostering a successful partnership.

Budgets and timelines for successful products

Since 2008, we've worked with startups and businesses to bring their products to life. Typically, successful projects have the following timelines and budgets in given phases of their journey.

Project Phase

Phase Details


Typical Budgets

Discovery Phase

Minimize product risk by scoping out the design and any technical requirements for the product

2 ~ 4 Weeks

USD 15K+

Investor MVP

Create an initial MVP* enabling you to engage investors for funding

1 ~ 2 Months

USD 50K+

Go-To Market MVP

Create a market MVP to test with early adopters and get a sense for the product market fit

4 ~ 6 Months

USD 150K+

Improve Product Market Fit

Incorporate feedback from early adopters

6 Months+

USD 200K +

Long-term Goal

Grow your business


A 6 person managed team has a monthly burn of approximately USD 45K

*MVP - Minimum Viable Product

Maniacal focus
on the right
problem to solve

Truly successful products happen when business, design and technology collaborate from the very start, agree on the first problems to solve, and establish discipline in addressing them.

Our teams prioritize understanding your problem, target audience, and motivations, allowing us to identify the best product design and engineering solutions. This approach allows for smarter problem-solving, scalability, testing, and progression to the next level.

How we succeed

Team formations

We think of the perfect product team as a star soccer squad. Each member brings their A-game, complementing and boosting one another to create an outstanding formation.

Our process and playbook

We bring together team members from all over the world, making it easy for us to embrace different working styles - on-site, remote, or hybrid. Our secret sauce? We're all about proactive communication. It keeps us connected and drives strong results.

Remote & on-site

Drawing on a decade of learnings from building products, we've developed a human-centric playbook to help guide our teams deliver better, faster results. This is a live document, continually evolving as we learn more.

Our Story