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We are an emerging-tech services firm led by Stanford alumni. Our hybrid teams are made of top-notch developers, designers, and product managers.

When it comes to delivering top-tier innovation on a budget, we're the best game in town.
Trusted by 150 Startups, 9 Unicorns, and 3 Fortune 500s
Trusted by 150 Startups, 9 Unicorns, and 3 Fortune 500s
Our journey since 2008
Selected case studies
Interior design app for photorealistic rendering
We decreased the time for designing a room and delivering a high-quality render from 2 days to 2 hours.
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Augmented Reality Application in E-commerce
We developed product visualisations of bedding, kitchen appliances, furniture and curtains in an augmented reality environment.
AR-enabled products sold in the first week of launch
Increase in sales from 2018 to 2019 for AR-enabled products
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A leading cryptocurrency exchange platform
We delivered Rosetta implementations for assets, Rosetta validations, and asset integrations to speed up the client’s asset integration efforts.
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Portable Photo Printer with AR & Social Networking
We helped Lifeprint convert their idea into a working POC, raise multiple rounds of funding, take the product global, and become an Apple retail partner.
Raised over multiple funding rounds
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World’s Fastest Consumer Food Allergen Sensor
We designed a sleek and lightweight product in 4 months that could deliver test results for the 8 most common food allergens within 60 seconds.
Raised in funding in 2020
Raised in Seed round in 2021
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Carefully graded learner dictionary for students and teachers
We built an educational game for Gamerize with a series of language learning mini-games embedded within a larger city-building game.
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App-Enabled BBQ Devices for Temperature Control
We converted BBQ Guru’s apps from React Native to Native apps and re-wrote the firmware component for the hardware to enhance communication between the app and the device.
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P2P tools & equipment rental application
We developed an MVP for iOS and Android within three months, allowing JobBox to expand coverage to newer service areas and successfully raise seed funding.
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The most loved titles published by Sesame
We reviewed the legacy technology and updated it for best performance and best practices on the latest devices.
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